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Picture Perfect Poochies 


Our passion is  breeding highly sought after Toy Cavoodles. We are  Sydney based breeders with the RPBA.

(Responsible Pet Breeders Australia). Our RPBA number is 5428.

Mum is  DNA checked prior to breeding to ensure optimum health. Our puppies come from a loving family home environment and are exposed to children, adults, other dogs and household noise. Our puppies are non shedding, hypoallergenic and have the most amazing temperament- Happy, loyal, gentle, smart and easy going.


The upmost care and ethical breeding program is our primary goal. Both Parents are DNA clear of any illnesses. Mum is a first generation Toy Cavoodle and dad is a Toy Pure-Breed Poodle.

Currently we are breeding once a year this means that our puppies receive optimum care and love.


See updated photos & videos on our Instagram page Picture Perfect Poochies.



More About Us

We  also design  Australian  dog accessories  such as dog collars, harnesses, leads and bow sets. Our stylish products are available in the SHOP section in our Picture Perfect Poochie tab.


Products are hand picked and fabrics designed from our in-house designer Kidonia. Our Products are both high quality and aesthetically pleasing.


Furthermore our products are tested and worn by our own spoilt poochies- Coco, Zia and Nikie, this allows for modifications and true testing of our designs that are in constant production.

Our designs are in constant production and will become available on this website for sale in the SHOP section. Our target market is mainly  to design for small dogs ranging from 2.5 - 10kg.


The stunning dog accessories are hand made and will be sold as boxed sets and can be delivered straight to your door.  We deliver Australia wide and have recently expanded to delivering World Wide.



What is a Cavoodle? 


The Cavoodle is a cross breed of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. The Poodle is generally a toy sized or the next size up being a miniature. A toy Poodle is 12 inches and under and weigh between 5 - 9kg where as a miniature poodle is 12-15 inches in size and weigh between 10 - 12kg. The King Charles are well known for being loving, adorable temperaments and the Poodles are highly intelligent and gorgeous looks, making the  Toy Cavoodle the perfect designer dog. 

Cavoodles have a soft Poodle-like coat which tends not to shed. Cavoodle puppies come in a variety of colours, including Black, White, Chestnut/White, Black/White/Tan, Gold, Red, Ruby and Apricot. The texture of the coat can be feathered or curly depending on whether they take more after the mother or the father. Our puppies are mainly Reds, Chestnut & Apricots with white markings are curly coats and non shedding.

These coats are both very easy to  maintain and require a quick brush up once a week. Curly coats in the summer  will require clipping which you can do yourself or book into a grooming salon to have done professionally.

The Cavoodle has become Australia’s most popular small designer dog. This is mainly due to their loving, gentle outgoing nature and  their non shedding coat which makes them very appealing.

This makes them ideal for people with allergies or asthmatics.

The love and commitment these beautiful puppies have, really do make them the perfect dog for the very young through to the elderly.


New Puppy Testimonials


Marli's Forever Home

Our family have been blown away by the service and care Sam and Nita from Picture Perfect Poochies has provided us in the process of adopting our first dog. We couldn't recommend them enough to family and friends. We bought our puppy home, she adjusted immediately, she was toilet trained and out vet said she hadn't seen such a healthy happy cavoodle puppy in a while. A brilliant addition to our family.

Thank you.

Dalton- Hughes Family 2022


Leo's Forever Home

"We are so in love with our Picture Perfect Pooch -Leo

Thank you so much Sam and Nita for making it possible for us to own and gain a cherished family member.
On a personal level Nita has given us support and great advise being first time pet owners always helpful no matter what time or day.
The starter pack that was given to us with Leo was not only amazing but everything I needed to start our journey with Leo
We have no hesitation in recommending Picture Perfect Poochies to any family and will be loyal and lifelong customer"

The Petrovski Family July 2021

Clover's Forever Home

    Clover's Forever Family   

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