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Born 29th October 2023

RARE Parti TOY Cavoodles


Puppy Pack Included Valued over $500

(Some packs may vary & subject to availability of products)

  • Pet bed

  • Soft  heart toy with Zia’s & sibling scent 

  • Pet blanket 

  • 1 can Hills Science Puppy food

  • Sample dry food Hill Science 

  • Interactive puppy toys 

  • Packs of healthy training treats 

  • Complete Flea, Tick, Heart worm & Worming: Please follow dosage guidelines 

  • Matching collar and lead 

  • Premium quality dog bowl 

  • Full size bottle of Puppy shampoo

  • Brush 

  • Stain and odour removal 

  • Puppy pee pads 

  • Poo bags

Pet Circle Vouchers:

  • 2 x $20 off Voucher for your next Food order

  • 1 x $10 off Voucher for your next Flea and Worming order AVAILABLE Poochies  Once you select a puppy, fill in the form on contact us.

 1. PINK  Girl Parti  Caramel/Cream/White Chest/Brown Ears Maple SOLD  





2. PURPLE Girl  Parti  Caramel/White/Cream/ Brown Ears  Sally SOLD  

3.Yellow  BOY PARTI White/Tan Markings Oscar SOLD 

 4.  DARK BLUE  BOY   RARE BLENHEIM Parti White/ Brown Patches Ears ZorrSOLD 



5. Grey  BOY  Parti White/Cream/ Brown Markings  Ace SOLD 

1. Phantom Black GIRL SOLD Willow SOLD





2. RARE BOY Parti Harlequin BLACK & WHITE Memphis SOLD







3. Light Blue  Boy Cream/White Parti   Pi SOLD










4. RED  Boy Tan /Cream/White Parti  Otis SOLD













5.Black  COLLAR BOY -  Parti Brown/White/Tan Markings  Monti  SOLD











What is a parti ? 

A parti is a dog with a coat colour pattern that consists of large patches or spots of two or more colours. Parti have a base colour, which can be any solid colour recognised in Poodles, and then have contrasting patches or spots of a different colour.

What is a phantom ? 

The phantom pattern consists of solid base colour markings with distinct tan or cream points on specific areas.The base colour of a phantom poodle can be any recognised solid colour, such as black, brown, red, apricot, or silver.

What is a Blenheim ? 

A Blenheim pattern consists of white with eg brown ears and paws. 

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