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* It's the  new owners responsibility to desex their dog before 6 months. We have been strongly advised by our Vet that the best time to desex your puppy is after 4 months hence our puppies are not desexed on pickup.

* You will be signing an agreement that assures us you will desex your puppy.

* Pet insurance is highly recommended. 

* Feed your dog a healthy nutritious meal. We recommend Hill Science this is what your puppy has been eating. Do not feed your dog anything that can harm it eg no chocolate.

* Follow and keep up with all upcoming vaccinations and follow your Vets instructions and advice.

* Ensure your  home / backyard is safe and enclosed.

* It will take time, patience and a lot of love to settle your new puppy and form a new special bond.

* Committing to a puppy is a big step - Please do your homework and be 100 % sure you are ready for a new member to be part of your home.
We do not provide refunds on a puppy once you have taken the puppy home. We do however offer rehoming as we don't want to see any of our dogs abandoned at any stage.





Stunning toy cavoodle girl. Nikie helps  with socialisation of puppies. She is the daughter of Zia. Absolutely adorable and cheeky sometimes. She loves everybody and is always a happy girl. Nikie loves playing with Zia all day long and follows her everywhere. 


We wish you every happiness with your new addition.

May your hearts and home be filled with love & joy.

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